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Lake Houses


Ed B.

They are  good, understanding people that are very competitively priced & provide a good service!

Ben M.

Great Customer Service. Friendly & Helpful Staff.

Very Quick Responses.

Marlo V.

Very friendly customer service with getting new account set up.

Ken N.

Wonderful Company!! We are extremely happy with our service!!

Gretchen A.

I always have a very easy time paying my bill. You are always a courteous company, solve problems quickly. We are glad that we have you for our trash service.

Travis M.

5/5 stars. Best waste disposal company in the Ozarks! Highly recommended.

Christine W.

Thank you for such excellent service!

Paul M.

I will miss you terribly, you make taking out the trash fun! Y'all are awesome! Family Trash Service is a good business.

Hello from Canada!!

Chrissy S.

We Highly Recommend Family Trash Service!! They do a wonderful job for us!

Anna C.

Just sitting here in my house waiting for the ice to melt & I hear a thunk outside my door. So, I go to the window & there is our trash guy carrying our trash up the driveway!! Thank you so much! Family Trash Service really takes care of their customers!! 

Devon S.

Highly Recommend Family Trash Service! They are a stand up company. They truly care about trash cleanup & taking care of their customers! 

Laura B.

I love y'all and I appreciate you!

Jim M.

Family Trash Service is the best in the west! Keep up the good, friendly service.  

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