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We have been family owned & operated since our first day of service in 1999. We strive to provide reliable service at an affordable rate. As a small, family-owned business, it is our top priority to continue to offer the best service we can to all of our current & future customers. Our small staff has helped us maintain our reliable service so we can continue to service Salem & surrounding areas for years to come!!


Thank you to all of our past, present & future customers!! With your help, we will continue to provide the reliable, speedy & consistent service that we have all come to expect from Family Trash Service!!  


Our small staff are all local residents & proud to call this area home! Our staff is friendly, professional & ready to assist in any way possible.

When you call or visit us at our office, you will speak directly with one of our account specialists to help determine the type of service you may need. 

Our experienced drivers are the base of our foundation. They represent familiarity & reliability to all of our customers with their on-site trash service needs.

Our route supervisor & consulting team offer many years of experience to ensure our operations run at our highest performance level every day.

Together, we all strive to provide the best customer service experience & the most reliable service we can, just like we have been for all these years!!

Our Team
(Left to Right)
Alex, Steve, Dwayne, Marissa, Troy, Cassie,
Calvin & Jeris

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